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Science Events Spotlight #1

Contributors: Julie Fooshee

Looking for a new way to connect to the world of Live Public Science Events? Then look no further.

Coming to sciencefestivals.org is a way to not just read about stories taking place in our sector, but to hear them, first-hand, from the people who produced them. We’ve worked to collect dozens of hours of audio interviews that we’re still sifting through and putting together to publicize for you to enjoy and learn from. Part of what we have enjoyed most at the SFA is hearing from the people who are on the ground producing live public science events and what it’s like. While we could tell you the stories ourselves or have you read blog posts, we wanted to try out something new.

Hearing from the organizers first-hand what it was like to be there on the day their event happened, exploring what it was like when things didn’t go exactly as planned, and giving us a heartfelt account of their community at work is a great way to get motivated for your own event.

Our first set of Spotlights was generously supported by the Simon’s Foundation as part of their Science Sandbox. We look forward to continuing the program in other ways with other professionals as time goes on. So stay tuned and follow us on twitter @sciencefests to stay informed on when we post new Spotlights.

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Science Events Spotlight #1
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