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What should we be talking about today?

“Community Engagement” is a tidy turn of phrase. To start with, “engagement” is a slippery word. It has been co-opted and adapted to refer...

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Spring is still busy season!

  Most of the science festivals in the US and Canada happen to be crammed into two six-week stretches, one in the spring and another in th...

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Conversations in Color

  During 2020 the Science Festival Alliance worked with Daniel Aguirre

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Start Actually Practicing Engagement

Do you work in the public engagement with science field? It's time to step outside of your organization. For at least a decade, we’ve frequen...

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Science Events Summit Cancelled. Join These Meetings

  The 2020 Science Events Summit

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Science on Parade

The Science In Vivo project is in the midst of a wide range of experiments. The main question: What happens when we try to integrate science engag...

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