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IPSEC 2018: The Science Events Summit



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The New (sort of) Science Events Summit

Seven years ago many of us were working hard on something that we weren’t sure was going to work. There was a deliverable written into a NSF ...

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Science Events Summit: Call for Participation

Already registered? Why not take an active role in the meeting? This is about more than just cooking up a session proposal: there are several ways...

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Join the Party! Feature in Informal Learning Review

Science events snag the cover of the March/April issue of Informal Learning Review, along with a six-page article that considers the relevance of live...

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Nine New Science Festivals Announced

The Science Festival Alliance is continuously helping new science festivals get started, but this spring some communities are getting a special boost...

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Talking About Live Public Science Events

Science events professionals are a wild bunch of individuals. Which, considering what we all do for a living, makes sense. With such a wide variat...

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Going Where the People Are

Throughout the past year, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to bring science experiences into settings that reach people where they alrea...

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