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Maine Science Festival

03.18.2020 - 03.22.2020

Festival Description

The Maine Science Festival (MSF), launched in 2015, is a celebration of science held annually with more than 70 events and activities for all ages, held over FIVE days. With an array of events and activities, including forums, workshops, hands-on activities, films, talks, and exhibits, we dissect, explore and celebrate remarkable science, engineering, mathematics, innovation, and technology happening in Maine every day.

As the first and only science festival in Maine, the Maine Science Festival is a celebration of the national and world leading science by the Mainers who do it. Since our inaugural festival in 2015, approximately 50,000 people have joined with us to celebrate Maine science, and we are proud to highlight not only the remarkable work happening everyday throughout Maine, but the remarkable people who make it happen. The MSF encourages attendees to question the world around them, and seeks to inspire not only the next generation of scientists and engineers, but also facilitate grass roots scientific thinking at the citizen level right now, for all ages. With our Sponsors and Partners, the MSF works to showcase the remarkable work happening in Maine daily.

Almost every MSF event is available free-of-charge all weekend – thanks to our Sponsors and Partners – keeping the MSF available to all.** The MSF is set up to ensure that all Mainers have the opportunity to attend and learn about science in a unique and innovative way. By doing this, we allow festival-goers to get inspired by the many different types of science, technology, engineering and research that is happening in Maine on a daily basis. If you’d like to see what a festival weekend looks like, you can check out our past programs:

The MSF has begun producing events that take place outside of the March festival time-frame and are significantly smaller than a full festival: MSF Pop-up Events. These events allow the MSF to showcase the remarkable science happening in Maine year-round. Some MSF Pop-up Events double as fundraisers, to help us ensure that the full Maine Science Festival weekend remains available to all.

Join us at the MSF, where you’ll find out what we know: Maine scientists and engineers are among the best the in the country and the world, and that science is everywhere!

**The only current exception is our headliner; we are working to keep virtually every MSF event free, and will only charge for those events that come with significant costs.


The Maine Science Festival is proud to be an independently funded program of the Maine Discovery Museum, and a member of the Science Festival Alliance.


Bangor, Maine 04401, United States. 03.18.2020 - 03.22.2020



Meet the organizers

Kate Dickerson

Founder and director of the Maine Science Festival


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