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Eureka! Festival

05.18.2021 - 07.18.2021

Festival Description

Produced by L’île du savoir, The Eureka! Festival will celebrate its 14th edition from may to july 2021.

Eurêka Festival schedule :

  • Eureka Tour! In Schools : From Mid-May to late June 2021
  • Digital platform : June 2021, Scholar year-round
  • An in-person Safari : July 14th-18th, 2021

Festival mission :

To foster the emergence of a scientific culture and the next generation in science and technology by bringing together partners from educational and research institutions, scientific culture organizations and the business community at an annual Festival.

Description :

The Eureka Festival! is the biggest science festival in Quebec!

The 2021’s unique edition of the Eureka Festival! has been completely redesigned to respect health measures and continue to support scientific culture in Quebec and beyond.

Three complementary components, always defined by our fun, educational and festive signature, will take place in order to continue to stimulate young people’s interest in science :

  • Eureka Tour! In Schools : Since the students can’t come to Eurêka!, we will bring Eurêka! to the schoolyards! From mid-May 2021, a number of exciting science-based show/demos (with social distancing) will be offered for free, in priority to elementary schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Montreal. Specially geared towards cycles 2 and 3 students (grades 3 through 6), these festive and fun-filled educational activities are meant to bring science to life, develop a curiosity for science and technology and prompt conversations in the classrooms.


  • Digital platform : Aimed at young people, families and teachers, this digital platform will present many educational content, playful in the form of games and will be accessible free of charge by all, all year round. The involvement of our numerous university, public and private partners is planned on this platform to highlight the people and the resources behind the latest innovations, as well as showcase the work environment and challenges of these scientists.


  • An in-person Safari : On board a quadricycle, families will discover the local scientific “wildlife” that work in the shadows. Short and visually impactful science demos hosted by our university, public and private partners, will be dotted along a trail leading to the cycle-in area where the grand finale will be held, featuring some of the Festival’s most beloved science entertainers.

(COVID-19: these 3 components of the Festival ensure respect of current health measures)


Produced by L’île du Savoir

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Montréal, QC, Canada. 05.18.2021 - 07.18.2021



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