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Jacksonville Science Festival

02.23.2017 - 02.25.2017

Festival Description

Jacksonville Science Festival AT A GLANCE

Who We Are?

Presented and sponsored by The Foundation Academy and Florida State College at Jacksonville, The Jacksonville Science Festival (JSF) is a free, three-day event celebrating K-12 students, science and art fun, and the wonders of learning. The festival WOW factor comes from students, teachers, experts, organizations, local businesses and community partners joining together to celebrate education with all of the Jacksonville community and surrounding regions. E-mail us for more information.

What You Will Experience?

Interactive booths with STEAM activities highlighting the student presenters gained knowledge and skills, BIG SCIENCE, STEAM based vendor booths and experiences, live arts performances, STEAM Talks and local community engagement bringing a shining light to the creativity and educational strengths Jacksonville has to offer.

When & Where is the Festival?

February 23rd + 24th: Florida State College at Jacksonville South Campus
February 25th: Metropolitan Park February 25th, 2017

Why We Exist?

To serve as a vehicle for educational equity and justice for K-12 students and to promote project inquiry based learning for K-12 students empowering them to be successful in the 21st century and a vital force important to our culture, education and the economy.



Jacksonville, FL. 02.23.2017 - 02.25.2017



Meet the organizers

Nadia Hionides

Graduate of City College in NYC and University of Pennsylvania Graduate school of Education class of 1980.

Victor Toribio

Director of the Jacksonville Science Festival

Tia Unthank

Director of PR & Marketing


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