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Surveying the Landscape of Live Public Science Events

  Every year in the US and UK millions of people enjoy science experiences at a huge range of live events. How many people exactly? We're ...

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ASTC Round Up

  The Association of Science and Technology Centers Conference is an annual meeting of science center and museum professionals, informal e...

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Big Sky, Big Science

  I feel like I have to accurately set the scene for this post and have it be maybe a percentage as experiential as the festival itself was....

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Incredible growth in science festival activity in 2014

Last year North America witnessed an unprecedented level of science festival activity. New festivals launched across the US, with 11 celebrating f...

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EvalFest launches five-year collaborative research project

Interaction with a scientist or engineer is the greatest predictor of positive learning outcomes for science festival attendees. The vast majority of ...

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Journal of Science Communication takes closer look at science festivals

The December 2014 issue of the Journal of Science Communication

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