2012 Cambridge Girl at Carnival

SFA Webinars

Throughout the summer, join the SFA in our monthly webinar series focusing on hot topics from this year's IPSEC. Registration for July's is now open!

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2014 Swag Swap

We’re excited to announce the 2014 SFA Swag Swap! After the success of the 2013 edition, it was widely requested that we make this an annual event. Want to learn more about festivals going on in the US and abroad? Join in! First year participating? Check out the quick and easy instructions and get started. […]

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2012 Bay Area 10


Aug 09

SCOPE Missouri

St Louis, MO

Sep 05–07


Bowling Green, KY

Sep 15–21

7 Days of STEM

Youngstown, OH

Sep 26–29

Waco Science Festival

Waco, TX

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The Role of Science Festivals

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences

"The wind of change is blowing through the world of science outreach." Consider the role of science festivals in leading this change in a February, 2013 article featured in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Science Festival Blog

The City of Brotherly Science Love by: Kishore Hari

I arrived to the Philadelphia Science Festival way too early on Explorer Sunday (PSF’s science tour day) morning. I hopped in my car and drove 20 minutes to my first stop – the Laurel Hill Cemetery. Not your typical spot for a science event, but the idyllic 70° clear day bolstered my courage to tour […]

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