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Evaluation Method: Labeling Evaluators

Contributors: Jonathan Frederick; Marissa Hartzler; Denise Young; Todd Boyette

Given the success of the stickers at other Festivals, we wondered what would happen if our field researcher t-shirts reinforced the idea of being a data point. In the past our evaluation team has always worn a Festival t-shirt. This year, we have created Be a Data Point t-shirts for the team – our t-shirts are modeled on the “Be a Pepper” slogan that Dr Pepper used many years ago, which many attendees responded positively to.

  1. A .png file for the t-shirt design are attached for you, in case you want to try this idea as well. As you can see from the attached image, the front of the shirt is all about the evaluation. The back showed the Festival logo (to make sure that we still look legit). The color of our shirts matches the color of the NC Science Festival t-shirts for this year.
  2. We designed the shirt at www.designashirt.com, but found it was cheaper to order them from a local print shop. The web site was going to charge at least $13 for each shirt. The local shop only charged us $10.50 to print on both sides of the shirt, and the cost would be $7/shirt if we went with front-side only.
  3. As with the sticker template, the images for the shirt were created so that they could be modified easily if others wanted to use them.
  4. The t-shirt shop that we used has kept the design on file, and so you can order them directly from them if you would like, just remember to have them remove the NCSF logo and add your own instead. Visit themerch.net to follow up.
  5. Start to finish, themerch.net had our shirts designed and printed in two weeks.

Please feel free to build on anything we have shared here and share your successes, we’d love to hear from you!

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Evaluation Method: Labeling Evaluators
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