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The Science Festival Alliance (SFA) was created to build a community of festival organizers committed to learning from each other. Whether you are a veteran festival director or are just beginning to think about bringing a festival to your community, know that there is a network designed to provide the support of colleagues from across the world. Find out more about the Science Festival Alliance on our About page.

Getting started

Every science festival is unique, and each new festival opens the door to experimentation and innovation. However, knowing about the different festival models that have emerged in recent years will help you better understand what you want to do, and what it takes to start a successful—and sustainable—festival.


Toolkits: these resource collections provide overviews and curated resources to assist festival organizers considering event formats, producing and administering festivals, and working with collaborators, volunteers and sponsors.

Resources Search: a searchable collection of resources, reports, and tools to assist festival organizers with producing and organizing festivals.

Getting to Launch: provides a rough timeline of how to work with the SFA and different interactions.

First Look at Science Festivals: this document provides a broad-brush overview of the science festival format.

SFA Map: Search current science festival members and learn more about upcoming festivals and festival membership.

Contact the Science Festival Alliance: The SFA began with a group of new festival organizers seeking advice from established festivals. In that same spirit, the Alliance is ready to help you connect to others with experience that is relevant to your goals and situation. The best way to tap into this network is to set up an initial consultation with SFA staff.

Sign up for the Science Festival Headlines newsletter: Stay in touch with festival news and professional development opportunities.

Travel and mentoring opportunities available

One of the best ways to consider what might be possible in your community is to visit an existing science festival in process. The SFA’s International Public Science Events Conference also provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet festival organizers from a range of communities. Once you and your community have decided to commit to organizing a science festival, the SFA will help get you the festival support you need, whether it is a few check in calls a year, a mentorship, a visit to a festival, or a trip to our annual conference.

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