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Texas A&M Physics and Engineering Festival

04.10.2021 - 04.10.2021

Festival Description

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The 2021 Texas A&M Physics & Engineering Festival will be a virtual, live-streamed, entertaining, and educational event.  The Festival is free and will be jam-packed with raffles, explosions, flames, and dozens of live physics demonstrations.  Participants will be able to interact through Q&A with scientists and an astronaut.  The Festival will kick off at 10 AM with a Texas-sized, five-barrel depth charge featuring 1,000 plastic balls. The Festival will run from 10 AM to 4 PM. There will be two keynote speakers;

  • Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg (11:00 AM CT), an astronaut who helped to assemble the International Space Station
  • Dr. David Saltzberg (12:30 PM CT), the science consultant for the famous TV show, The Big Bang Theory



College Station, TX, United States. 04.10.2021 - 04.10.2021



Meet the organizers

Tatiana Erukhimova

Instructional Associate Professor, Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence


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