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SKy Science Festival (SKySci Fest)

04.25.2019 - 04.27.2019

Festival Description

Southern Kentucky Science Festival

Southern Kentucky Science Festival

SKySci Fest, Kentucky’s First Science Festival est. 2015

SKy Science Festival brings to southern Kentucky events that celebrate science.

The annual Expo Day at annually in Bowling Green’s beautiful Circus Square Park is a free-of-charge carnival of music, art, food, and interactive hands-on experiences. SKySci Fest Expo Day is a festival for all ages.

Expo Day offers unique interactive experiences for festival attendees, exhibitors and performers. Dozens of different community organizations, businesses, and individuals share their expertise with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) and how it affects our lives. Expo Day combines stage performances, activity tents, workshops, and food vendors. Enjoy mind expanding challenges, linger at captivating exhibitions, make something fantastic, and just have fun with the color, sound, and delicious food.

Stay tuned for updates on next year’s Expo Day!

Special events, lecture events, and screening opportunities are hosted through the other days of annual SKy Science Festivals. Share suggestions or offers to partner with festival offerings through the SKy Science Festival website or by e-mailing us at info@SKySciFest.com.

Ask questions, and feed your imagination!

Attend Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Science Café for the best dinner party you’ve ever attended. Be a part of the conversation. The discussions at Science Cafe are open to everyone. With a practicing expert for that month’s topic, pressing topics are explored by the attendees. The diverse viewpoints shared by the audience make for a refreshing alternative to lectures and other top-down presentations.

Science Cafe meets on the last Monday of each month. Food and drinks are available for purchase, yet there is never any required cost — no charge for admission and no pressure to buy anything.


Bowling Green, KY, United States. 04.25.2019 - 04.27.2019



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