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Cambridge Science Festival

04.12.2019 - 04.21.2019

Festival Description

The Cambridge Science Festival is an annual 10-day (and night!) celebration of science, technology, engineering, art and math in Cambridge and greater Boston. Every April, the Cambridge Science Festival makes science accessible, engaging and fun for everyone through multifaceted, multicultural events.

The Cambridge Science Festival offers a wide range of STEAM-related activities – lectures, debates, exhibitions, concerts, plays, workshops, etc. – over ten days at a variety of locations. Modeled on art, music, and movie festivals, the Cambridge Science Festival makes STEAM part of the wider culture by illuminating the richness of scientific inquiry and the excitement of discovery.

photo credit: www.mneyid.com


Cambridge, MA, USA. 04.12.2019 - 04.21.2019



Meet the organizers

Rory Keohane

MaryCat Boyett


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