Rockville Science Day Celebrates 20 Years

Trevor Nesbit - Wednesday, April 29th, 2009


dThe event, aimed at educating people on the sciences, has grown throughout the years and cheap mlb jerseys exhibits have spread through new parts Obama of the college campus.

In the school’s cheap mlb jerseys gymnasium, children flocked to the reptile exhibits Servicing and held frogs and pet turtles wholesale jerseys and gaped at the snakes and Funding iguanas. The reptiles were kept wholesale mlb jerseys in cages along the east side of the gym — luckily for the mice and 2015 homing pigeons on the west side of Travel the room.

Across campus, college professors showed the many ways that chemistry can be illuminating, mixing chemicals to make colorful glowing liquids and illustrating the flammable nature of finely ground 4/13/2015 powders.

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