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2016 International Public Science Events Conference (IPSEC)

06.13.2016 - 06.14.2016

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Save the dates:

June 13 – 14, 2016, Cambridge, MA



Registration is now open on EventBrite. Registration rates rise after June 3, so sign up now to lock in the $150 rate. (Conference registration includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on June 13, and breakfast and lunch on June 14).

Looking for hotel information? Look no further.

Advance text for the complete conference program is now available here.


Come to IPSEC!

Many thousands of live public science events engage millions of people every year, and the events we’re involved in are each different.

The formats vary incredibly: stage shows, storytelling, and multi-modal performances; science cafes and other dialogue events; science festivals and other massively collaborative initiatives; science by stealth, science busking, and similar street level interventions; and many more–some of which purposely defy categorization.

The largest reach tens of thousands in a single day. The smallest might serve only an intense handful. Some are commanded by teams of professionals, others are driven by passionate volunteers.

Yet we all have much in common. The basic practical challenges of organizing a live event can be remarkably similar across different scales. The same emotional roller coaster is familiar to anyone that has taken responsibility for running a live event. Evaluation findings and research questions often transfer well between event forms. The science matters deeply to us all, but not necessarily more than the social experiences we carefully craft. And we tend to be outgoing, fun-loving, and just a bit daft.


So let’s get together!



You, event organizers of all stripes and experience levels, and anyone with an interest in live public science events.


June 13 – 14, 2016
Evening events are being planned for Sunday, June 12, and Monday, June 13


MIT Media Lab: 75 Amherst St, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Last year’s IPSEC meeting was the first time that the conference met on its own (without being connected to another larger conference). It was a bit of an experiment: do enough people care enough about live science events to make for an energetic stand-alone conference? The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

So we’re doing it again. We’re going to keep it at MIT for at least one more year so that we can focus on perfecting an already great conference (and to try to prove that flash flood warnings are just an anomaly in New England). See the links below to previous meetings to get a sense of how past IPSECs have gone, or see a preliminary outline of the 2016 schedule.


Registration is now open on EventBrite.

For information about lodging, please click here.


What are public science events anyway?

For more on this see the Science Live website.


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2016 International Public Science Events Conference (IPSEC)

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