Science Events Expo and Swag Swap at IPSEC

Julie Fooshee - Tuesday, May 24th, 2016


We have 54 slots open to participate in this year’s Science Events Expo. If you were here last year, and are already familiar with the format, you know exactly how it works and we hope you’re excited and want to participate again! If you haven’t participated before, the Science Events Expo is a fifteen minute show and tell of an event you produce. Some people choose to talk about their science festival, some choose one event of many to showcase, and others just present on something interesting they do throughout the year to outreach to their local community.

You’ll need to be prepared with the following:
* handouts
* small, contained, non-messy demonstration or talk
* enthusiasm!

You’ll have fifteen minutes to man your expo table and talk to anyone who comes by – but you’ll be competing with roughly 26 other people for the attention of the conference-goers so make sure you bring something really exciting! You will be assigned to either half of a 6 ft round table or to one small high top table – so anything you bring must be contained within this area. No separate easels, no big signs to hang.

If you’d like to set up your laptop to run images or a video, feel free! Unfortunately, we can not provide power or cords, so make sure your computer is well charged before the Expo.

We also will not provide a projector for this session and ask that you please reconsider whatever power-point presentation you might be bringing to make it more engaging.

Want to sign up now? Contact Julie at 617-417-4822 or

Any leftover materials from your Expo will be used in the new SFA Swag Swap!

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Don’t want to present at a table but want to contribute to the Swag Swap? Please bring 50 or more programs (and any other swag you want) from your festival to IPSEC and an area will be designated for these materials. If you don’t want to travel with programs in your luggage, we encourage you to ship to your hotel in advance. If no arrangement can be made with  your hotel, please contact Julie to have them shipped to the SFA offices at MIT.

We look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!


Julie & Ben