IPSEC 2017 Call for Participation

Julie Fooshee - Tuesday, September 13th, 2016



Registration is now open for the 2017 International Public Science Events Conference (IPSEC). Already registered for IPSEC 2017? Why not take an active role in the meeting? This is about more than just cooking up a session proposal: there are several ways to participate, and it’s easy to get started with a submission form that ought to handle just about any idea you can come up with.

Before you jump right to the form (link below), please note:

  1. Conference organizers will read each submission, but will not be able to respond directly to every one. Even accepted proposals may not hear news until close to the start of the conference.
  2. Don’t spend excessive time perfecting the wording of proposals for this form: if your ideas seem like a good fit, you will be contacted to fine-tune them before they are included in the final conference program.
  3. The form cannot be saved incomplete or edited once submitted. Make things easy on yourself: review the submission categories below first, and gather your thoughts before completing the form. And make things easy on the organizers: you are encouraged to submit ideas in multiple categories, but please try to submit only one form.


IPSEC 2017 Call for Participation Submission Categories

Science Events Expo and Swag Swap
Take over a table for half-an-hour on the first morning of IPSEC, and show off what you do to the rest of the conference (this is not open to the public). All you need to participate is enthusiasm, though free samples don’t hurt. Sign up for consideration here, and watch your email for more information in May of 2017.
To join this session you must provide: the name of event or program you will represent.

Video Showcase
We’re setting aside time during IPSEC to showcase short videos from conference attendees. These may be promotional, educational, or documentary in nature, but should all be directly related to live, in-person public science events.
For a video to be considered for the showcase you must provide: the name of the event the video is related to, and a link to a preview video.

Weird, wacky, and wonderful things inevitably happen when you are involved in events. Suggest a short story from the field you’d like to share, or nominate someone else to tell a story you’ve enjoyed.
To be considered as a story teller, you must answer the following questions: Name of event story is related to; Time required to tell this story; Very brief description of the story; and Why do you think this story is interesting?.

Concurrent Session Leader
Conference sessions are generally just under an hour long each, focus on a single topic, and are run by session leaders assigned to work together by IPSEC. Most sessions include substantial time for audience participation. Throw your hat into the ring to be a session leader, and please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear a response.
To be considered as a session leader, you must provide the following information: Brief description of topic covered; Brief description of what the audience will experience during the session; Very brief description of your qualifications to present on this topic.

Public Science Event
Nominate yourself or someone you know to produce an evening event open to both the conference and the public in Madison.
To submit an event for inclusion, you must provide the following: Name of event,
Brief description of the event.

Something Else You’d Like to See
You have a vision for something extraordinary at IPSEC that doesn’t fit into the spaces provided above you will have the opportunity to describe it in an open text box.


IPSEC 2017 Call for Participation Submission Form

Click on through for the form. The only required information is your name and email, but don’t forget to click through the pages to hit “submit” at the end.